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Journal of Bone Research and Reports

About Journal of Bone Research and Reports

The Journal of Bone Research and Reports is an open access, interdisciplinary journal for the rapid publication of original articles and reviews that focus on basic research in all areas of bone such as mineral metabolism, interactions of bone with other organ systems, including cartilage, endocrine, muscle, fat, neural, vascular, gastrointestinal, hematopoietic, and immune systems, bone remodeling, musculoskeletal disorders and other relevant fields.

Open access is a pioneering publishing model wherein all articles published in this journal will be available online, to anyone, anywhere in the world, completely free of charge. Articles once submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed carefully. Once accepted, articles are then proof-read for publication and published online where they are freely accessible without any subscription. The aim of this Journal is to publish high quality articles on related aspects of public health, health policy and clinical analysis which can improve health care and outcomes for persons suffering from bone diseases, moreover mitigate the conditions related to bone disorders globally.

Submit manuscript as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at [email protected]

Basic Science of Bone

Bone can be classified based on both anatomy and structure. The example of anatomic bone are long bones and flat bones. Based on structure bone can be again sub-classified into macroscopic level e.g. cortical and cancellous and microscopic level e.g. lamellar and woven bone.

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Journal of Bone Marrow & Research, Bone Journal, Bone Research Journal, Journal of Bone Oncology, Journal of Bone & Mineral Metaboloism, Journal of Advanced Bone Research, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

Bone Oncology

Bone oncology may be classified as "primary tumors", which originate in bone or from bone-derived cells and tissues, and "secondary tumors" which originate in other sites and spread (metastasize) to the skeleton. Carcinomas of the prostate, breasts, lungs, thyroid and kidneys are the carcinomas that most commonly metastasize to bone. Secondary malignant bone tumors are estimated to be 50 to 100 times as common as primary bone cancers.

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Journal of Orthopedic Oncology, Metabolic Bone Disease & Research and Journal of Bone Oncology.


Physical medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatry, a branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities.

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International Journal of Physical Medicne and Rehabiliatation, American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, , Physical Therapy Journals, Journal of the American Congress of Rehabiliatation Medicine, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and International Journal of Therapies and Rehabiliatation Research.

Back Pain

Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. However, internal structures such as the gallbladder and pancreas may also refer pain to the back.

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Journal of Neurology & Neuroscience, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of American Medical Association, Journal of Hippokratia, Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, The Clinical Journal of Pain, American Chiropactic Association, The Journal of Neuroscience and Journal of Manual and Physical Thereupetics.

Fibrous Dysplasia

An abnormal bone growth where normal bone is replaced with fibrous bone tissue. Fibrous dysplasia causes abnormal growth or swelling of bone. Fibrous dysplasia can occur in any part of the skeleton but the bones of the skull, thigh, shin, ribs, upper arm and pelvis are most commonly affected.

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Journal of Osteoporosis and Physical Activity, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Orphanet Journal of Rare Disorders, Indian Journal of Medical Research, American Journal of Roentgenology and Journal of IMA

Heritable Disorders of Connective Tissue

A connective tissue disease is any disease that has the connective tissues of the body as a target of pathology. Connective tissue is any type of biological tissue with an extensive extracellular matrix that supports, binds together, and protects organs. These tissues form a framework, or matrix, for the body, and are composed of two major structural protein molecules: collagen and elastin.

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Epidemiology: Open Access, Official Journal of the American College Medical Genetics & Genomics, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement. Such joint replacement orthopaedic surgery is generally conducted to relieve arthritis pain or in some hip fractures. A total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty) consists of replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head while hemiarthroplasty generally only replaces the femoral head.

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Avascular necrosis (AVN), also called osteonecrosis, bone infarction, aseptic necrosis, and ischemic bone necrosis, is cellular death (necrosis) of bone components due to interruption of the blood supply.Without blood, the bone tissue dies and the bone collapses. If avascular necrosis involves the bones of a joint, it often leads to destruction of the joint articular surfaces.

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Archives of Surgical Oncology, National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, International Journal of Dentistry, Journal of Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, Journal of Orthopedic Suregry and Research, Annals of Oncology and Journal of Applied Oral Science


Osteopetrosis, literally "stone bone", also known as marble bone disease and Albers-Schönberg disease, is an extremely rare inherited disorder whereby the bones harden, becoming denser, in contrast to more prevalent conditions like osteoporosis, in which the bones become less dense and more brittle, or osteomalacia, in which the bones soften. Osteopetrosis can cause bones to dissolve and break.

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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal canal that may occur in any of the regions of the spine. This narrowing causes a restriction to the spinal canal, resulting in a neurological deficit. Symptoms include pain, numbness, paraesthesia, and loss of motor control.

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone in order to repair bone fractures that are extremely complex, pose a significant health risk to the patient, or fail to heal properly.

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Osteopenia is a condition in which bone mineral density is lower than normal. It is considered by many doctors to be a precursor to osteoporosis. However, not every person diagnosed with osteopenia will develop osteoporosis. More specifically, osteopenia is defined as a bone mineral density T-score between -1.0 and -2.5.

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