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InterventionstoWidenParticipation for Black, Asian andMinority Ethnic Men into the Nursing Profession: A Scoping Review

The uk government has recognised the requirement to extend the amount of qualified nurses yet as diversify the nursing manpower. Men are underrepresented in nursing aboard specific minority ethnic teams. proof shows that increasing manpower diversity results in enhancements in value management, health outcomes and contributes towards increasing cultural competence within the manpower. Widening participation interventions are devised to encourage underrepresented teams into the manpower, however very little is understood concerning the precise interventions for teams like Black, Asian and minority ethnic men. This paper reports the findings of a scoping review about to establish specific interventions to widen participation for Black, Asian and minority ethnic men into the nursing profession within the uk. A scoping review methodology was enforced, following the Arksey & O’Malley, (2005) framework. A key word strategy was used, implementing population, profession, intervention intention and region. Nursing faces a world crisis. there's a major shortage of qualified nurses that has been diversely explained as being thanks to associate degree ageing population and increasing demand aboard a decreasing offer of nurses together with the underrepresentation of specific teams like men within the nursing manpower. In England solely 11 November of the nursing manpower is created from men


Irtiza Qureshi

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